Technical fact sheet KEYaccount+

Hardware platform

KEYaccount+ is compatible with notebooks, subnotebooks, tablet PC's and desktops.

Software platform

The client software of KEYaccount+ runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
The server software runs on MS Windows server (for any other server operating systems, feel free to contact us).

Electronic mail systems

Our software uses all electronic mail systems that are MAPI or VIM compatible (MS OUTLOOK 2007, 2010, 2013, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, etc).

ERP interfaces

Interfaces have already been produced for SAP, MS Navision, MS Acsapta, JD Edwards, BPCS, Proget, ASW (IBS), Movex, etc (for any other platforms, feel free to contact us).


Our products make use of the Sybase database ASA (Adaptive Server Anywhere) and Microsoft SQL Server.
Interfaces are possible with various databases, for example Oracle, DB2. The database structure is the same on all PC's, so the database structure used by a sales representative is identical to that on the central computer system.
This compatibility implies a major advantage, such as reduced maintenance costs, reduced development costs, etc.

The database is accessible via ODBC. You can quickly develop customer screens, product screens, reports, etc. with other tools (Access, Visual Basic, …).

All printouts, such as customer data, product information, order forms and week planning schedules can be developed by the customer and adapted using a simple and powerful report generator (Sybase Infomaker). Export to Excel is a standard procedure.

Development languages

Our products are developed with Powerbuilder, .NET, Java and C++.

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