Why choose DeDuCo Europe?

DeDuCo Europe has been a supplier of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software products and services since 1989, with an extensive expertise in data transfer technology.

DeDuCo Europe is a niche player and has its customers in the following vertical market segments: Few companies have such a thorough expertise and know-how in these domains.

Our new projects prove our pan-European approach: our Project Managers are largely acquainted with the diverse Western European business environment.

DeDuCo Europe opts for a direct approach: we take care of all aspects of the implementation process ourselves: the project audit, hardware, configuration, training and helpdesk are done by our team of specialists.

Flexibility, proficiency, a keen eye for the customer and devotion to long-term relationships with our customers are core values to us.

Our company has a strong development and project unit. At XYSYS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.(ISO 9001) our employees re-engineer our current and future products, and constantly evolve the configuration concepts of our standard products in order to deliver towards evolving customer needs.

Why choose our CRM suite?

Our CRM suite is a company-wide solution. It contains 8 products, covering all customer-related departments of a company: Compatibility between the different products of our CRM suite is guaranteed.

We offer our customers a panoramic and profound solution, thanks to hundreds of modules. Our products were designed to enable a modular approach: they can be implemented in your company in a phased manner.

Because of the excellent replication techniques all your employees dispose of the most recent customer and product data. In this way you create a corporate customer knowledge base of all your contacts, avoiding useless searching, useless activities, a lack of information... which saves you a lot of energy and time.

Our products evolve constantly: we take your wishes and the market evolutions into account.

We opt for a well-balanced mix of a standard product and tailor-made solutions. Which results in both a high adaptation level to your wishes and demands and a fast Return On Investment (ROI).

We use advanced technologies and our products are based upon open industry standards; they can be seamlessly integrated into your current ERP system and other software platforms: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Our software products are extremely user-friendly: large buttons and an intuitive logical structure ensure a short learning curve and strong end-user acceptance.

Our products are language independent, have a high degree of reliability, demand little maintenance and have a well-considered TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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