For efficient data interchange | The main aim of SALESforce+ is the automation of the paper flow between internal and mobile users. SALESforce+ makes it possible to manage, interchange and synchronize all data.
The advantages are obvious: a more accurate knowledge of the different customers, a smooth communication and an efficient team management.

With SALESforce+, the sales representative always has access via a notebook or tablet PC to all the recent information required: the correct customer details, the most recent product and price information, etc.
At the same time, the management and the central services have a direct view on the input of the sales representatives: orders, expense claims, daily reports, plannings, etc.

Convenient modules | As a total solution, SALESforce+ integrates the following important functionalities and modules: BUDI
Higher productivity… | SALESforce+ is intended to improve communication between the sales teams, district managers, sales and account management and the marketing department. This increases the effectiveness and productivity of your sales. The sales representatives have the most recent information at any time. This allows them to spend more time with the customer and have more effective discussions.

… and better customer service | SALESforce+ takes selling and provision of services to customers beyond the boundaries of individual company departments. SALESforce+ makes the access to and the transfer of information possible between the departments, creating a "corporate knowledge base" of your customers, so you can considerably improve your customer service.

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