Our fields of expertise

At DeDuCo Europe, we opt for specific market niches in which we are and intend to remain a major player.
We offer exceptional solutions to suppliers in the: In these sectors, we are working together with companies that want to maintain and strengthen their relationships with existing customers.


This package allows the paper flow between the various internal and external users to be automated.
SALESforce+ makes it possible to manage, interchange and synchronise data.


KEYaccount+ is intended for the marketing department, Key Account managers and sales managers.
Using a number of powerful tools, they can obtain detailed information about all the running campaigns and ongoing transactions.

Our new products...

TERRItory+, ROUTing+, CALLcenter+, FIELDservice+, PLANOgram+ and VENDing+ form an integrated offering of CRM modules that enable our customers to manage the whole lifecycle of the customer relationship.