A clear picture of marketing and sales | During the marketing and sales of your products, a mass of information flows back to the company. KEYaccount+ provides you with the technology to give structure to all that information, process it and make it accessible.

KEYaccount+ is intended for the marketing department, Key Account managers and sales managers.
Using a number of powerful and convenient tools, they can obtain detailed information about all the campaigns' running and ongoing transactions. They obtain a usable picture that they can analyse, in order to see links and patterns between the data.

Convenient modules | KEYaccount+ includes the following basic modules: BIDI
For more effective marketing campaigns | Using KEYaccount+, you can segment your customer base and determine the strategic value of your various customer groups. That should enable you to respond more effectively to small target groups with a high response. It makes it possible to run innovative, more effective and more targeted campaigns.
Furthermore, you can monitor and evaluate the results thoroughly. Expensive marketing initiatives with an uncertain outcome become a thing of the past.

KEYaccount+ gives you an accurate picture of major customers across all customer contacts (post, telephone, e-commerce, field).
This way, you can get to know these customers better, understand their behaviour and anticipate their needs.
You can exceed the expectations of your customers, and establish a relationship of trust that will channel that purchasing power to your company.

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