Our mission is…

to be a major player in the field of e-CRM with a direct approach in a number of specific vertical market segments.

Our history

The first step | DeDuCo Europe is a Belgian company with its head office in Kortrijk, founded in 1987 by Tom and Carl Dujardin, who are still running the company actively, ensuring transfer of knowledge and know-how. Originally it specialized in data transfer, but has since concentrated on the development and implementation of software for sales representatives. From 1989 onward, we carried out our first Sales Force Automation projects, all of them custom-written. We have since automated the in-house and field sales teams of over 70 companies.

The breakthrough | SALESforce+, our first standard package, became operational in 1996. This product enables companies to manage the continuous interchange of information between sales representatives and the central administration. Some 70 firms have since used SALESforce+ to streamline the data flows within the central, local and mobile sales departments.

In 1996 DeDuCo Europe set up a subsidiary in India (ISO 9001). Since then, all our software packages have been developed there. In 1999, KEYaccount+ was completed. This product is complementary to SALESforce+ and has become a vital tool for many marketing and Key Account Managers.

Our direct approach

Customer intimacy | As CRM solution providers, we are firm believers in "customer intimacy". An unrelenting commitment to maintain close, personal contact with the customer is what sets us apart from most other CRM product developers.

That is why: With this direct approach, we provide our customers with the means to achieve their own "customer intimacy", hence obtaining a competitive advantage.

Our market-segments

At DeDuCo Europe, we opt for specific niches in which we want to be and remain a major player. We offer exceptional solutions to suppliers in the: In these sectors, we work with companies that are aiming for optimal management of their activities and transactions.

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Our (and your) future

A complete suite of CRM products | Right now, we can offer you an extensive and complete suite of CRM products. The KEYaccount+ and SALESforce+ modules are our core products. In addition to these products, there is our integrated offering consisting of the following complementary modules: This suite of CRM modules enables companies to manage the whole life-cycle of the customer relationship. The marketing, sales and support departments can co-operate across departmental boundaries in order to further optimise customer relations. Our products enable our customers to establish customer intimacy during their customer interactions, in all phases of the marketing, sales and support process.

Internet and CRM | Internet and the associated e-commerce have enormous consequences for CRM. Thanks to the Internet, companies can: At DeDuCo Europe, we monitor all the latest developments relating to the Internet and e-commerce very closely. We are continually evaluating how we can integrate the latest technologies into our existing products. In doing this, we make sure that we don't get misled by all the hype, but we do extract the maximum added value for our customers with our e-CRM solutions.

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