Our approach

A standard product… | Our products are standard applications that meet 90% of the demand and requirements of the specific niche market. These off-the-shelf solutions are based upon our 25-years of best practice experience in our vertical market segments. At the start of each project, we always carry out a project audit: in that audit, we examine how we can integrate the functionality typical for the business processes of the customer into our solution. We believe that a thorough preliminary study is crucial to guarantee every customer a flawless integration and operation of our applications.

…custom-made… | Our standard products are parameterable in accordance with the customer's requirements. The modular design of our products and our own development center in India (ISO 9001) make custom developments possible. This way, we are able to make a unique offering for every customer. All customization is preceded by a functional and technical analysis.

…with cast-iron support | After the actual installation, we provide all the training (in small groups) necessary. We train the IT manager, the sales representatives and other internal users. The final introduction is preceded by a pilot project in which a group of employees familiarize themselves with the system. Of course, we also provide all the necessary documentation for optimal use of our products.

Even after installation, we guarantee optimal service. We have various support options available to the IT manager, the sales representatives and the internal users. Service can be provided within the hour, or within two hours, four hours, etc., both within and outside working hours. So that you never have to worry about our applications.

Our CRM applications have the following important characteristics:
Thorough preliminary study

A crucial phase | At DeDuCo Europe, we consider the preliminary study as one of the most important phases in the whole CRM implementation process. So we gain a thorough understanding of how you work, your needs and your requirements. And we can supply a product that fully meets your expectations and the needs of your business.

A close-up of your company | During the audit, our employees evaluate the following points, among others: